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At B & C’s Sober Voices we are committed to delivering a high quality of customer care. Be assured I treat each and every event with an enthusiastic and concentrated level of personal service.

B & C’s Sober Voices has supplied recording and sound system needs for groups from coast to coast. We are willing to go to any lengths to carry the message of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Al-Anon 12 Steps

Kathy H shares her experience, strength and hope on the 12 Steps

4 CD's for   $25.00

AA Weekend w/Steve L

Great weekend with Steve L from Nashville

7 CD's for   $40.00

Fellowship of the Spirit NY 20

Earl H, Steve L, Scott T, Joe C and others review the 12 Steps. AWESOME weekend.

12 CD's for   $62.00

53rd International Women's Con

53rd IWC 4 Main Speakers Angela H, Misoon W, Diana L & Regina B

4 CD's for   $30.00

Name City, State Event Date Price Buy
Christina G Brecksville, Oh @Sister Ignatia groups 51st Anniversary Aug 25, 2017 6.00
F Tom W. Oakland, CA @ 4th Annual Sunshine Convention May 17, 2014 6.00
Frank F. Wayensbugh, Oh @ Dover, Ohio Dec 01, 2017 6.00
Randy H. Canton, Oh @ Crosby Hall Thanksgiving Meeting @ N. Canton, Ohio Nov 23, 2017 6.00
Christinn S. Lincoin, DE 75th Pittsburgh Banquet Apr 16, 2016 6.00
Chris C. Coschocton, Oh 75th Pittsburgh Banquet Apr 16, 2016 6.00
Polly P Jacksonville, FL @ YAIG Gratitude Banquet @ Girard, Ohio Nov 18, 2017 6.00
Doug R. Tujunga, CA @ 99th Punderson Park Conf May 13, 2017 6.00