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Please remember that this archive represents individuals sharing their own expierence strength and hope. This collections is for the use of fellowship members. Please protect the anonymity of the speakers you find here as you would your own. We need always maintain personal anonymity at the level of press, radio and films.

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Speaker Set

Keeping the Spirit Alive

A women's retreat with Karen C., author of "Each Day A New Beginning"

6 CD's for   $40.00

Speaker Set

Women's Workshop 2011 @ Canton

A Women's Workshop on how to live the AA Way of Life. Topics such as "Helping the Newcomer", "Dealing with Depression in Recovery", Relationships" and others. A GREAT day of Recovery in our everyday life.

6 CD's for   $40.00

Speaker Set

AA History

AA History - Where Did The Message Come From? With Jay S

3 CD's for   $18.00

Speaker Set

AA Pioneers

AA Pioneers /Bill W, Dr Bob, Ebby T, Bill D, Ethel M and More

8 CD's for   $48.00

Speaker Set

Anger & Forgiveness

Anger & Forgiveness With Father Tom A

4 CD's for   $25.00

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